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Build Better with Anastasia Barnes

Feb 3, 2020

In episode 21 of the Build Better podcast, Anastasia talks with Matt Reiniger and Ben Callaghan, associate partners at Fathom, a future design firm helping manufacturers, architects, builders, and engineers go beneath the surface to reconnect people with what gives their work meaning and drives unprecedented performance.

Reiniger and Callaghan share how their recent deep dive into their own company has influenced the work they do with firms in the AEC industry. They talk about how they’re helping people understand the meaningful difference they are making in the world, and share ways to transform the future of an organization by challenging the status quo.

With over fourteen years of experience in brand development, innovation, storytelling, strategy, and business culture, Ben and Matt work with leaders and their teams to design and live into versions of themselves and their organizations that fuel a meaningful and exciting future.

As Associate Partners at Fathom, Ben and Matt are creators and facilitators of Fathom's unique engagements— which are designed to provoke new thinking, launch critical initiatives, and realize transformational growth and development. For more information visit

Special thanks to Makepeace for sponsoring Episode 21!